Making Sure Changed Ruby Files Have Good Test Coverage

Alex Koppel bio photo By Alex Koppel

🎵 musical jingle 🎵

Announcer: Has this ever happened to you?

someone didn't write tests for this file

Announcer: Oh no, how embarrassing! Wouldn’t want to put that on your business card.

🎭 audience laughs 🎭

Announcer: Lucky for you, with SimpleCov brand test coverage you can get test coverage of those pesky files that change from branch to branch automatically!

Announcer: But that’s not all! Act now and get a free script to parse those reports – a bonus value for our most loyal customers.

Announcer: Put these into your continuous integration setup and unseemly test gaps will be a thing of the past!

lookit that, CI failed because you didn't write tests

Announcer: Test coverage: it’s the cat’s pajamas.

🎵 musical jingle 🎵

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