How We Distributed a Personalized iOS Curriculum to Students Across the U.S.

Alex Koppel bio photo By Alex Koppel

At eSpark Learning, we’re building a platform for personalized education for K-8 students in over 120 public school districts using iPads. There are incredible challenges in understanding students’ learning needs and ability levels and how they learn from and respond to different educational materials; there’s also a huge challenge in simply getting the materials to the students.

Our iPad curriculum is built from third-party iOS apps, videos, and web content – no one company could produce nearly as much amazing, creative content as the iOS developer community has1. As it’s turned out, though, there’s a huge challenge to distributing a constantly-changing set of applications to iPads clustered throughout the country; solving this challenge was my primary responsibility for my first two years.

As the inaugural post of the eSpark engineering team’s engineering blog, I’ve written a post on how we solved that app management problem, allowing us to scale up from clicking buttons in iTunes in one school to managing millions of app installations across the country.

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  1. I also love the virtuous cycle this creates: the teachers on staff at eSpark pick great iOS apps, schools buy those apps, the app developers thus rewarded can create even more great educational content.